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Management finančnih inštitucij (ang) / Financial Institutions Management

Namen predmeta / Aims of the Course

Financial institutions are an integral part of every modern market-based economy and therefore their smooth functioning is necessary for the frictionless operating of the economy. A key common characteristic of all financial institutions is the processing of information, which enables them to identify and manage risks associated with their operations. The complexity of problems related to information processing is most heavily expressed with financial intermediaries as qualitative asset transformers, in contrast to pure brokerage financial institutions. That is also why the course predominantly focuses on studying financial intermediaries as qualitative asset transformers and the risks associated with their operations. The course aims to familiarise students with the main characteristics of financial intermediaries and to teach them how to approach the risk-identification process and risk management in reality.

Vsebina predmeta / Course Syllabus

1. Introduction:
a)Institutional framework of the financial services industry – the case of Slovenia and its adoption of the EU’s legal framework
b)Why are financial intermediaries special?
c)Risks of financial intermediation
2. Measuring Risks:
a)Interest rate risk
b)Market risk
c)Credit risk
d)Operational and Technology Risk
e)Foreign exchange risk
f)Liquidity risk
3. Managing Risks:
a)Liability & liquidity management
b)Deposit insurance and other liability guarantees
c)Capital adequacy
d)Risk-hedging with derivatives

Način dela pri predmetu in način ocenjevanja znanja / Teaching Methods + Examination Methods

Lectures, seminars, case studies, discussion groups.

Final exam and seminars.

Študijska in izpitna literatura / Bibliography

1. Anthony Saunders: Financial Institutions Management. A Modern Perspective. McGraw-Hill, 2000.
2. Selected chapters from Stuart I. Greenbaum, Anjan V. Thakor: Contemporary Financial Intermediation. The Dryden Press, 1995.
3. Reports and other regular publications published by international and supranational financial institutions like the BIS (www.bis.org), ECB (www.ecb.int), IMF (www.imf.org) and WB (www.wb.org)
4. Selected articles and working papers

Spletna stran predmeta / Course Homepage


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